Content Development


Writing good content takes time, and we know you're busy. Let us turn your ideas into clear, concise text so you can focus the things no one else can do.


We are happy to draft content for your websites, informational handouts, and presentations so you can focus on other things. We do an immense amount of research as a part of any project, and that allows us to tell an engaging story about the science and medicine you use.


Great text ensures that your patients, grant reviewers, and investors leave inspired by you and looking for ways to participate with your work.

Illustration Services


We create world-class illustrations that make a compelling case for your product or procedure. Our illustrations are beautiful, accurate, and add value to your publications.


We help you connect with your audience, explaining your science in a way that bypasses all the heavy jargon: through well-crafted visuals.

Our background in brand identity and design, hard science, and fine art ensure that the pieces we create for you will form that all-important emotional connection between you and the patients, investors, and peers you need to reach.

Layout and Design


Great illustrations deserve an excellent layout to display them. We're a full-service illustration firm, offering layout services for your educational materials, presentations, and pitch materials.


Good design is one of the first things audiences notice about a top-quality product, and we assume that when a layout is confusing or drab, the products and people represented by that layout are the same way. Let us help you make the right statement about your product.


Clean lines, readable text, and a clear and prominent message will help make sure you're leaving behind the right impression.

Kurlbaum Illustration

All work © Nicole McClure Kurlbaum and Kurlbaum Illustration. Works may not be used without permission, but feel free to contact us about potential licensing opportunities.