Our process is simple. We meet with you or your team to talk about the project and understand your vision. From there, we create a detailed layout sketch so you can make sure we have all the details correct. That layout sketch is then turned into a final piece of artwork that you can hand out to patients, post on your website, or use in presentations!

Usage is even simpler. We know you see our illustrations as an investment, and want you to be able to use the beautiful artwork we create for you in whatever way best fits your needs. So, unlike large companies like A.D.A.M. Images, we don't limit the number of times you can use a piece. The more use you get out of these illustrations, the better! We hope to see you use them on your grant applications, website, brochures, or even hung as artwork in your office.

Affordable pricing is one of the biggest reasons we stand out against the small field of medical illustrators and stock image sites. We run a lean shop, and the truth is, we just work more efficiently than our competitors. That allows us to pass on a good price to our clients. Every project deserves high-quality illustrations, and we know the best way to make sure that happens is to quote you a fair price.

We take pride in making you happy. Really and truly, there is no better feeling than knowing we've exceeded your expectations. We want to inspire you, to blow you away with how beautiful and well-researched our illustrations are. We will work harder than anyone else around to make sure that your every need is taken care of, because your business is so valuable to us. If there's anything you need, call us and we'll take care of you.

Nicole McClure Kurlbaum is a medical illustrator living and working in Kansas City. Nicole holds both a hard science and fine art degree from the University of Kansas, where she taught scientific illustration to doctoral students and was involved in human and equine cadaver dissection. She is currently working as an illustrator and teaching medical illustration to students at the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work has been published nationally, and was featured in a solo First Fridays show in Kansas City's competitive Crossroads Arts District.


With a deep love for science, medicine, and research of all kinds, Nicole's detailed work helps viewers engage with the wonder of science. Each piece starts with research, ensuring that her work is absolutely accurate. That information is then filtered through an artistic lens, where her use of line, shading, and texture help connect the viewer with the thesis of that illustration: a patient gains a deeper understanding of their body, or a grant reviewer sees the potential in a researcher's application. Through beautiful rendering, Nicole grabs your eye, drawing the audience in and inspiring them to learn more about a process or procedure.


Although Nicole specializes in patient education materials and research publications, she also enjoys illustrating food, creating thoughtful and engaging illustrations for children, and providing graphic design services to area non-profits. Nicole lives with her husband and their two miniature dachshunds, who get into full-size trouble.

Kurlbaum Illustration

All work © Nicole McClure Kurlbaum and Kurlbaum Illustration. Works may not be used without permission, but feel free to contact us about potential licensing opportunities.